Teaching is my other passion, I used to work with the Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden foundation teaching grades 3 – 6 cooking and gardening so rest assured if I can handle 6 – 12 year olds, adults are a breeze! My classes are fun, easy to follow and full of useful info that you can easily and confidently continue making on your own. I’ve even had participants start their own businesses after doing a class or two.  .

Hands on Virtual classroom schedule

A Hands on virtual class is just that. We jump online at a nominated day and time listed below and run through a workshop together. I’ll send you all of the material and ingredients* (except alcohol) and a list of equipment no fancy science lab gear, most of it you will have in your kitchen cupboard.

*Please note international students will need to source their own ingredients but will be provided a full list.

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Tea Blending 101

Solvent ~ Water

Learn how to blend perfect decoction and tisane

DATE: 22nd June

TIME: 7pm – 8pm

COST: $85 inc postage & ingredients

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Salves & Balms

Solvent ~ Oil

We’ll make herbal oils, Salves and Balms

DATE: 6th June

TIME: 7pm – 8:30pm

COST: $125 inc postage & ingredients

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Solvent ~ Alcohol

Using folk method to make herbal extracts with Alcohol.

DATE: 20th July

TIME: 7pm – 8:30pm

COST: $85 inc postage & ingredients*

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Herbal Honey & Vinegars

Using honey and vinegar for herbal medicine

DATE: 26th July

TIME: 7pm – 8pm

COST: $125 inc postage & ingredients


Cooking & Preserving Herbs

A little herbal cooking class using herbs and foraged weeds

DATE: 28th June

TIME: 7pm – 8:30pm

COST: $145 inc postage & ingredients


Herbal Drinks

Using flowers and herbs to make delicious wild drinks

DATE: 12th July

TIME: 7pm – 8pm

COST: $85 including postage & ingredients


Plant Chat ~ The Farmacy Garden

Join Naomi for a seasonal online plant chat, we identify the plant, its energetics, what’s in season and growing conditions. It’s totally free. 

Self Paced Classroom

Join our Herbal Classroom

You can access all of our workshops at your own pace in our self-paced virtual classroom.


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