Modern day herbal apothecary and Ayurvedic wellness centre by @naomi_ingleton based in Beechworth, you’ll also find @thefarmacygarden medicinal herb nursery outlet of rare medicinal herbs and seeds

Naomi Ingleton is a Chef, Horticulturist, Ayurvedic practitioner and studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Western Herbal Medicine. A lifetime of exploring the benefits of herbs and food as medicine from seed to self has enabled Naomi to share her knowledge in a unique and understanding way that blends the Eastern and Western principals of energetic herbalism so that they work for you as an individual.

Naomi started FarmacyCo as a way to share her love of herbs and their amazing medicinal benefits through a range of products and clinical consultancy.

The Beechworth store is her pilot project for a dream to have a FarmacyCo store in several more locations. Beechworth was opened in July 2021 and incorporates the Juice & Elixir Bar.