FarmacyCo is a modern herbal Apothecary that puts YOU at the heart. Our products are wild crafted with sacred intention using only the most premium ingredients from local growers and our own farm.

SHop OUr Range

Bioregionalism is practiced at the Apothecary, we source or grow our herbs locally to ensure the efficacy is at peak when blending and distilling to make our products making sure you are getting the best quality available.


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Jump 'In the Weeds' with us!

In the weeds is a play on my time as a chef in busy restaurants, during peak service times when you felt like you were drowning in orders you would verbalise you were ‘in the weeds’. Now in the weeds takes on a completely different meaning for me. 
Join me as I happily jump ‘In the weeds’ and share my journey with using herbs for food & medicine and receive a free copy of my Materia Medica

Alembic Alchemy

Hand Forged Copper Stills

We now distribute hand forged copper alembic stills though our sister site Alembic Alchemy direct from Portugal. The factory has been making copper stills since 1835.

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Copper is one of the oldest metals known to human civilisation and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Copper has cultural, religious, medical and astrological values.

Juice & Elixir Bar

Our Juice and Elixir bar is a unique experience with crafted fresh fruit and vegetable juices that you can add our curated herbal tincture depending on how you are feeling.

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We have a strong commitment to give back so a portion of your purchase is donated to Women’s Housing Ltd. A NFP based in Melbourne that provides housing for all women in need.

Wellness Clinic

Farmacy Co is dedicated to providing you with realistic health goals and professional advice on how you can achieve these. We offer a range of services and treatments based on Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

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Ayurvedic and Western Herbal Medicine principal underpin our philosophy to healing with nature, blending the east and west to harmonise mind, body and spirit.

Our Herb & Seed Bank

We stock a range of seeds and plants for you to grow your own health at home. We have a selection of our favourite plants from our nursery based in Beechworth.

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Connection to earth is important for us to thrive, it also gives us a deep sense of connection to everything around us. To grow our own medicine is something so deep and personal. To be able to share this is to give life force.


Join us for one of our budding herbalist workshops, we run scheduled workshops all year and private workshops for a group of 6. We also run Wild Weed Walks in Beechworth.

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Social Connect with me

Really friendly owner and very generous in sharing her vast natural health knowledge. I love the shop and all the great natural health products. I wish there was a store near me. I just tried the shampoo bar and my hair loved it and me scalp feels very refreshed.

Customer / Square

Hi there. I received the gift box for my birthday and just tried the ceremonial cacao elixir. This was hands down amazing! It’s so earthy, rich and feels so magical. My fiance and I agree this is our new favourite drink on cold days such as today. Just wanted to say thank you for making such a delicious product & we will definitely be restocking it once we run out.

Evelina Dudzinski / Facebook

I just loved Naomi’s workshop, I learnt so much about herbs and feel like I have enough knowledge to be able to put into practice everything I learnt at home and can’t wait to get my own apothecary up and running. Oh, and my herb seedlings have taken off so I can harvest from my garden. Thank you!

Katherine Jones

In Ayurveda, we are made of 3 energies called doshas — your unique combination of doshas is what make you, YOU! The doshas create our physical, mental and emotional tendencies.

Discover your dosha