Date(s) - 13/04/2024
4:30 pm - 7:00 pm



Embark on a botanical journey with our Herbal Tinctures and Tonics Workshop, where the healing power of herbs meets the art of herbal alchemy. Join us for a hands-on experience that delves into the ancient practice of crafting herbal tinctures and tonics, unlocking the secrets of nature’s pharmacy. Immerse yourself in the world of plant medicine as you learn to harness the therapeutic potential of herbs to create personalised remedies for wellness.

The workshop begins with a guided exploration of a diverse array of medicinal herbs. Gain insights into the properties and benefits of each herb, understanding their unique contributions to holistic well-being. From soothing chamomile to revitalising echinacea, discover the diverse palette of nature’s remedies.

Under the expert guidance of our herbalist, participants will learn the meticulous art of tincture-making. Witness the transformation of herbs into concentrated elixirs as you blend, measure, and infuse with precision. Explore various extraction methods, ensuring that each tincture captures the essence of the herbs’ healing properties.

Move seamlessly into the world of herbal tonics, where you’ll craft invigorating blends that nourish and balance the body. From immune-boosting concoctions to stress-relieving infusions, discover the art of combining herbs to create potent, flavourful tonics tailored to individual needs.

As the workshop unfolds, enjoy a tasting session where you’ll savour the diverse flavours and effects of the herbal tinctures and tonics created. Gain insights into the holistic benefits of each blend, learning how to integrate these herbal allies into your daily wellness routine.

Leave the workshop not only with a wealth of herbal knowledge but also with a collection of your own handcrafted herbal tinctures and tonics. Empower yourself to take charge of your health naturally, armed with the skills to create botanical remedies that resonate with your body’s needs.

Join us for a day of herbal exploration and self-discovery, where the ancient wisdom of plant medicine comes alive. This Herbal Tinctures and Tonics Workshop promises to be a transformative experience, bridging the gap between nature and wellness. Embrace the magic of herbal alchemy and leave with the tools to cultivate health and harmony in your daily life.

Drinks & Nibbles provided as well as all equipment and instructions.


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