Date(s) - 16/03/2024
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Embark on a fragrant adventure with our immersive soap making demonstration, where the art of crafting luxurious soaps meets the charm of locally grown botanicals. Join us for a hands-on workshop that explores the transformative magic of saponification, unveiling the secrets to creating three distinct types of soap, including a nourishing shampoo bar and effervescent bath bombs.

Begin your journey surrounded by the vibrant hues and captivating scents of locally sourced botanicals. Our expert soap artisan will guide you through the meticulous process of soap making, weaving together the science and art behind each lather. Witness the alchemical dance of oils, lye, and botanical essences as they merge into a harmonious symphony of soap.

Engage your senses as you explore the diverse world of botanical additives. From soothing lavender to invigorating citrus, handpick your favourite locally grown herbs, flowers, and plants to infuse into your creations, imparting a unique touch to your handmade soaps.

The workshop unfolds with the crafting of three distinct soap varieties, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of this age-old craft. Learn the intricacies of cold process soap making, master the art of moulding and shaping, and discover the delicate balance of scent and texture.

As the aromatic journey continues, delve into the specialised realm of shampoo bar creation, where you’ll blend botanical oils and extracts to formulate a nourishing cleanser that leaves your hair silky and rejuvenated.

Cap off the experience with the enchanting world of bath bombs, combining fizzy effervescence with the therapeutic benefits of botanicals. Create your own bath bomb masterpiece, infusing it with the soothing scents and vibrant colors inspired by the local flora.

Throughout the workshop, enjoy delightful anecdotes about the botanicals sourced from our community, fostering a deeper connection to the land and its treasures. Leave with not only a wealth of knowledge about soap making but also a collection of your handcrafted soaps, a shampoo bar, and a set of bath bombs – tangible souvenirs of a day spent immersed in the world of botanical alchemy.

Join us for a soap making adventure that honours both tradition and local terroir, where the beauty of botanicals converges with the joy of creating artisanal soaps. This workshop promises to be a fragrant celebration of craftsmanship and community, leaving you inspired to continue your soap making journey at home.

The evening will be immersive botanical blending, recipe and instructions supplied and a sneaky glass of botanical brew as well as nibbles.


This event is fully booked.