Date(s) - 21/01/2024
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm



Embark on a journey into the world of herbal infusions with our Herbal Honeys and Vinegars Workshop, a delightful experience where the sweet and tangy essence of nature comes together in a harmonious blend. Join us for a hands-on workshop that explores the art of crafting Herbal Honeys and Vinegars, transforming simple ingredients into flavourful and healthful elixirs. Immerse yourself in the alchemy of infusions as we guide you through the steps of creating these versatile and delightful kitchen companions.

Under the expert guidance of our herbalist, participants will learn the craft of infusing honey with herbs to create sweet, aromatic elixirs. Explore the nuanced flavours and therapeutic properties of different herbs, discovering the perfect combinations that tantalize the taste buds and soothe the senses.

Transition seamlessly into the world of herbal vinegars, where you’ll experiment with infusing tangy apple cider vinegar with the vibrant colors and flavors of our handpicked herbs. From basil-infused vinegar to a rose-petal-infused delight, discover the endless possibilities for elevating your culinary creations.

As the workshop progresses, engage in hands-on activities, blending and infusing your chosen herbs into honey and vinegar. Gain insights into the health benefits of these herbal concoctions, learning how they can enhance both your culinary and wellness routines.

Culminate your experience with a tasting session that highlights the diverse and delightful profiles of the Herbal Honeys and Vinegars created during the workshop. Revel in the versatility of these infusions, from enhancing your favourite dishes to creating refreshing beverages and healthful tonics.

Leave the workshop not only with a collection of your own handcrafted Herbal Honeys and Vinegars but also with the knowledge and inspiration to continue this delightful practice at home. These infused delights not only add a unique touch to your kitchen but also offer a celebration of the bountiful gifts nature provides.

Join us for a day of herbal exploration and culinary creativity, where the magic of infusions transforms honey and vinegar into something truly extraordinary. This Herbal Honeys and Vinegars Workshop promises to be a flavourful and educational experience, leaving you with a taste for the delicious possibilities that nature and your own hands can create.


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