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Flat Rate

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{Cedar Wood, Tea tree & Rosemary oil}



{Prevent hair loss & Premature greying}


{Bruises, Aches & Sprains}


{Hemp, Jojoba & Avocado Oil}


{All 3 Bitters}


{Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial}


{Brahmi & Ashwagandha}

Energetic Herbal Essence


{Energy, Strength & Restore}


Bitters are not only amazing digestives, made with bitter roots, herbs and spices steeped in alcohol to infuse the botanicals. They are the perfect addition to a cocktail or mocktail. We've carefully blended 3 bespoke bitters each with different flavours for whatever suits your mood. Chocolate Bitters ~ Organic Cacao nibs, vanilla bean and Gentian root perfect to add a little extra something to your espresso martini or an affogato. Aromatic Bitters ~ Bring new meaning to your Lemon, Lime and Bitters or an Old Fashioned with this aromatic digestive bitter blended with Orange, Elecampane and Toasted Dandelion Root. Ruby Bitters ~ A special blend of Schisandra, Rose and Hibiscus this delicious mix is perfect to add a little zoom to a Virgin Mary or a Negroni. In this Kit you also get a gold cocktail shaker set.


{Anti-inflammatory & Arthritis}


{Menopause, Weight Loss & Summer}



{Rose, Kakadu Plum & Macadamia}