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Dosha Tea
There are many types of tea in Ayurveda, each with its own benefits. Most of them are herbal, but they can include real tea too.

Ayurvedic tea is almost always a blend of different ingredients, each having its own properties and working together to offer relaxation, enhanced immunity, detoxication, etc. Interestingly, Ayurveda doesn’t promote one herb for one problem. Instead, it uses a more personalised approach to decide which herb would have the most benefits for one person.


{Immunity, Cleanse & Relief} Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, which really helps when you're sick because your body is inflamed. Ginger is not only good at soothing your gut, which in turn boosts your immunity, but it also does wonders to clean you lymphatic system. That’s our bodies network of organs and tissues that cleanse toxins and waste.


Immunity Pack

Everything you need to boost your immunity and fight off cold & flu naturally

Elderberry Tonic



Turkey Tail

Immune Tea